Michael Wlach Photography

Comic Con Shoots

Michael Wlach Photography attends a number of events throughout the year on a non-commercial basis offering attendees mini-photoshoots on site. Mini-shoots last approximately 10-20 minutes to allow for moving between locations. They and are relaxed and friendly and you get several social media quality images that show you at your best.

These mini-shoots are operated under the Time For Trade (TFT)/Time For Print (TFP) model as used within the modelling & photographic industry. The photos from the shoot may be used for personal/self promotion, social media etc., but have the following restrictions on their use.

      • No editing/filters.
      • Not for sale/publication.
      • Photographer credit in social media posts.
      • Not for use by other event promoters without explicit permission.
Delivery of free images are subject to workload with paid work taking priority. Typical times are 4-6 weeks after an event.

Photos from the event may be used by Michael Wlach Photography for marketing & promotional purposes.

For future events please see our Facebook page for details and how to book a shoot.