Michael Wlach Photography

Photo Edits

Do you have an image that lacks “pop” or are just not happy with? If so I can re-edit the image to correct for colour balance, cosmetic tweaks/skin smoothing using the same process I use on my own images to give you a different and more appealing look.

      • If you are using another photographer’s image you must obtain permission from them before I start editing your photo. Once I have received confirmation that they are happy to do this I will arrange with them for access to the original files.
      • Images should ideally be full resolution RAW file format for best results. While I can work with JPEGs there will be a limit to the range of changes I can make before the quality degrades.
      • Facebook/Instagram and smartphone images are of poor quality and it will be difficult to produce a good result.

Finished edits will made available via Dropbox/WeTransfer.

Price per image – £7